This is a piece inspired by the events that happened while I took a break from designing to attend a college global experience trip to Chile. Yes, I was a little homesick throughout the trip since I've never been so far away from home for so long before; however, not a day goes by where I experience regret. As a person, I was apparently stronger than I thought I was. I tried foods I didn't think I'd like, survived steep hikes and raging waters, and met some amazing people who now hold a place in my heart. I know I wasn't alone during the trip because I know my dad's been keeping a sharp eye on me ever since I left.

"The Guardian of Lapis" is named after my experiences and the culture I am came upon during my trip. It is named after the Lapis Lazuli stone which is infamous throughout Chile due to its striking blue and gold presence and ability to erase negativity while putting creativity in its place. The woman is modeled after one of my guides who helped me during the trip and has became a second mother figure to me. The phrase on her elbow is the Spanish translation of one of the lyrics to "Moving Parts" by Trixie Mattel, a song I have played and even sung to my guides during my time in Los Queñes. Finally, the feathers represent the abundant amount of seagull feathers I have encountered as a sign that my father has been watching over me and keeping me safe throughout the entire trip. 

As I start 2019 right by stepping out of my comfort zone to get some inspiration for future projects, I dare you to do the same.
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